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Valuable Industry Recall Information

Ohio Pet Foods, Inc. wants to assure its customers that the products manufactured by OPF are not affected by the recent pet food recall concerns.
  • OPF is a dry manufacturer only (no cans)
  • OPF only buys North American grown grains
  • OPF does not use wheat gluten in its products
  • OPF does not use rice protein in its products
"Melamine has been found in wheat gluten, rice protein concentrate and, in South Africa, corn gluten, all imported from China, and all meant for use in pet food, the Food and Drug Administration confirmed Thursday." - USA Today

For years, producers of animal feed all over China have secretly supplemented their feed with the substance, called melamine, a cheap additive that looks like protein in tests, even though it does not provide any nutritional benefits, according to melamine scrap traders and agricultural workers here." - NY Times
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